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Beer Mustard Pretzel Chicken

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Submitted by Rochel Neuman


This recipe uses the new Beer Mustard in a marinade and pretzel coating to oven fry or use in an air fryer. Served with any honey mustard dressing for dipping. It’s a family- and crowd-pleasing dish!



Preheat oven to 375 degrees F on convection roast or 400 bake.


Mix all marinade ingredients together. Fully coat cutlets in it and let stand for at least 20 min. Refrigerate if marinating for more time.


Mix all ingredients for pretzel coating.


Set up egg wash and coating in bowls next to cutlets.


Prep pans for oven roasting (or use an air fryer): roasting rack or wire cooling rack , approx. 9×13; cookie sheet or short sided broiler pan, same size or slightly smaller than rack. Spray both sides of rack well with oil. Place rack over edge of cookie sheet (Should overhang edge).


Remove cutlets from marinade so that they’re not dripping. (Throw away extra marinade.) Dip each cutlet in egg wash, then press in pretzel coating on both sides.


Spray the underside of cutlet with oil before placing it on rack. Be careful to place cutlets within pan area, and not to the edge of rack, if the rack overhangs the edge of your pan to avoid an oven dripping mess. Allow space between cutlets on rack. Spray top of all the cutlets with oil and cook for 20 minutes or until nicely browned. Use a spatula to carefully remove chicken from rack.


Place on bed of arugula or other dark leafy green, tomatoes, and garnish with reserved parsley.


Serve with light honey mustard dressing for dipping.