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Before and After Chicken Legs


Cooking for Yom Tov, even in large quantities, (even in a year and place when Yom Tov runs into Shabbos), does not need to be super time consuming. Cooking in 2-3 slow cookers, for example, produces multiple soups, meats, chickens, and even meatballs, matzah balls, and applesauce, etc. It’s almost like having a robot!   You may also wish to cook this way to have supper ready for Chol Hamoed without staying home all day cooking.   For Rosh Hashana or Sukkot, I’m not in such a panic to prepare and freeze ahead every single entrée, but this way of cooking is so easy and delicious it frees me up for other Yom Tov preparations like the clothing shopping, errands, enjoying the family, the house prep, the sukkah building, etc.!


1. Line slow-cooker with liner. Put chicken legs into slow-cooker.
2. Mix other ingredients together and smear all over the chicken.
3. Cook on low overnight 7-10 hours.