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Berry-Rhubarb Sorbet Intermezzo


Also known as a palate cleanser, an intermezzo is a great way to add elegance to your Yom Tov meal (or stick with using it as an eye-popping, colorful dessert). This recipe can be made using an ice cream machine, but here I’ve given you directions for how to make it with only a food processor or a blender.


For the Sorbet

Yields 1 quart


Place all ingredients in a pot and cook until rhubarb and strawberries are soft. Cool.


Place ingredients in a blender or food processor and puree.


Pour into a metal pan and freeze until it can be easily crushed, but is not rock solid. (Otherwise you’ll ruin the blades of your blender.)


Remove from the freezer and place in blender or food processor again till pureed. Refreeze and repeat.


Store in tightly sealed container to prevent freezer burn.


Feel free to change the amounts of blueberries or strawberries. So long as you have five cups total, you’re sure to have a beautiful dessert that is low in sugar and high on class.


Styling by Janine Kalesis

Photography by Hudi Greenberger