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Best Veggie Soup With A Twist


Submitted by Judith Englard


This aromatic veggie soup has onion, shallot, sweet potatoes, carrots, and zucchini, and it so easy to make! With the amazing variety of spices and herbs, it’s sure to be a keeper. Enjoy!



First, heat up some oil in a large pot.


Then cut up the onion and shallot and add to pot to sauté. Add the cubes of herbs.


Cut up the carrots and sweet potatoes (the smaller the better) so they’ll cook faster, and add to pot. Then, cut up the zucchini and add. Put water to just cover and add the rest of the spices. Let cook for about one to two hours until all veggies are soft.


Hand blend all together and taste! Add more of any spices you want, and enjoy!