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Bone Marrow Sheet Pan Meal


During Passover time, it’s super hard to make meat and potatoes look fancy. I came up with this easy bone marrow sheet pan meal using very basic ingredients. It takes no time to make and is delish! It presents well too. Enjoy!


1. Blend spices and canola oil well in a large bowl. Reserve some oil/spice mixture for garlic and bone marrow pieces.
2. Place all veggies (except whole garlic) into oil and combine until the veggies are well covered.
3. Remove veggies from bowl and lay onto baking tray covered in parchment paper.
4. Pour one tablespoon of oil and spice mixture into garlic top and onto each piece of bone marrow. Lay everything on baking tray and bake 45 minutes to one hour at 375 degrees Fahrenheit.
5. This goes great with French bread. Scoop out the roasted garlic and marrow and shmear it over, with the veggies plated on the side.


For a softer garlic you can wrap it in foil before placing it into your baking pan.