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Bubby’s Galarita (P’tcha/Meat Jelly)


This recipe was brought to Canada by my Bubby from Galicia. She added some things over the years to make the flavour her own, keeping with the old garlic jelly tradition. The result is a more meaty and flavourful galarita. Yields 1 eight-inch square pan.


1. Put p’tcha bones in medium saucepan with water and let boil for five to six minutes. Discard water and rinse bones. Return to saucepan, spreading the bones so they do not overlap.
2. Add stew meat, peeled veggies and spices. Add enough water to just cover the bones. Adding too much will stop the jell from forming. Bring to boil, then turn down to simmer and let simmer four to six hours. Periodically check on the saucepan, making sure the liquid doesn’t boil out. It is done when the broth is a deep golden brown colour.
3. Remove bones. Cut off meat and cartilage and dice into small bits. Dice the stew meat. Place all meat in the bottom of an eight- by eight-inch oven-to-tableware.(Don’t use metal because it reacts with this recipe. You could also prepare the galarita in an oven-to-table loaf pan).
4. I diced the carrot and lined the bottom but if you want just jelly, omit this step.
5. Strain broth through a sieve and pour over meat. Place in fridge to sit overnight.
6. Scrape off fat layer on top. Serve with a thick piece of Challah.