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Carrot Pasta With a Creamy Zesty Garlic Sauce


This is such a perfect light meal, be it for lunch or dinner. And it packs so much flavor. The carrots are very crunchy, of course, and they pair so nice with the creamy and zesty tahini garlic sauce. Throw in a handful of fresh herbs as well, such as parsley, basil or coriander or whatever you wish, some sesame seeds and pine nuts too, mix it all up and be dazzled. It’s so simple to make (15 minutes beginning to end), yet so full of deliciousness.


Prepare the Pasta and Sauce


Mix all the ingredients for the sauce until you get them all combined.


Cut your carrot into noodles.


Pour sauce over the carrots and gently mix them by hand to coat.


Top with parsley, sesame and pine nuts and serve fresh.


Keeps well in the fridge overnight.


This recipe originally appeared on TalesofaKitchen.com, reprinted with permission.