Cauliflower Steak with Pistachio Cream

  • Cooking and Prep: 40 m
  • Serves: 8
  • Contains:

This concept was born out of one of Chanie’s and my legendary brainstorm sessions (sometimes we even talk about food). It’s a dish I would order in a restaurant and then tell all my friends about. And aren’t we friends?

Ingredients (14)

Cauliflower Steak

Pistachio Cream

Optional Garnish

Sommelier Suggests

Start Cooking

Prepare the Cauliflower Steak

  1. The cauliflower prep is a method more than a recipe. We’re looking for a creamy, soft interior with a deeply caramelized and browned exterior, and you need the following items to make that happen: a nondisposable baking pan, a hot oven, and oil. Cooking sprays will not cut it.

  2. Preheat oven to 425 degrees Fahrenheit (220 degrees Celsius).

  3. Line two baking sheets with Gefen Parchment and lay out the cauliflower steaks. Drizzle liberally with olive oil and season with salt and pepper. Roast for 40 minutes or until the bottoms are deep brown and the tops are getting crispy.

Prepare the Pistachio Cream

  1. Bring a medium pot of water to boil and blanch the pistachios for 30 seconds. Drain and move to a clean, lint-free towel. Rub vigorously with the towel until the brown skins come off. (You can skip this step and just have a less vibrantly green end result.)

  2. Transfer pistachios to the bowl of a food processor. Process on medium-high for at least seven minutes, stopping to scrape once or twice, until the nuts have formed a paste similar to marzipan. Add parsley (if using), avocado, and salt and process again.

  3. Stream in the oil and then the water, until it’s a thick, creamy smooth mixture, the texture of chummus. If it’s too thick, add another tablespoon of water at a time.

To Serve

  1. Spread the pistachio cream onto a platter and place the cauliflower on top.

  2. Bonus points for garnishing with chopped parsley, pomegranate seeds, or pickled red onions.


My grocery sells checked fresh cauliflower. If unavailable, you can use frozen florets. There will be less texture variance in the cauliflower, but it will still be delicious.


If making the cream more than three days in advance, store in the freezer and defrost in the fridge.


Photography by Hudi Greenberger
Styling by Renee Muller

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