• Cooking and Prep: 2.5 h
  • Serves: 30
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This was my mother-in-law's, A"h, recipe. It's foolproof to make, but depending on the rising and baking time, and the temperature of the oven, it comes out tasting different for each person. Just like 'mun'!

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Yields 3 large challahs
  1. I use 2 measuring cups. In the first one, measure the sugar, then chop in the yeast. Within a minute it should turn syrupy. Pour into mixing bowl. Add next 3 ingredients, with water last. This should rinse out your measuring cup, making clean-up easier. Add in flour and salt from the dry measuring cup and mix.Let rise until doubled. Divide into 3 and braid. Let rise again and then brush with beaten egg and sprinkle with poppy seeds. Bake in a 350 oven until brown.NOTES:*This recipe is for a kitchen-aid size mixing bowl. To make 5 pounds of flour and a bracha, double the recipe.*I always take my challos out when they still look a bit underdone, because I believe they keep baking after you take them out.*For a crustier challa, put them in for 10 minutes at 400, then turn down the temp. You can bake them in pans, or freestyle on a tray. I make them into rolls and add chopped onions or minced garlic mixed with olive oil, parsley, and salt. Enjoy!

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