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Chanukah Krembo


The favorite Israeli winter treat gets all dressed up for Chanukah! With a soft cookie base, pillowy and sweet marshmallow filling, and a thin, scrumptious chocolate coating, Krembo will be your new favorite indulgence, too! Yields 20 Krembos.

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Whip the cream in a mixer until it forms firm peaks.


Fold in marshmallow spread and vanilla. Fill a pastry bag with the filling.


Line a cookie sheet with 20 sandwich cookies. Pipe onto each cookie about three tablespoons of filling. Freeze for at least two hours.


Over a double boiler, melt white chocolate with oil. Once completely melted, remove cookies with Krembo filling from the freezer and dip each Krembo into white chocolate and sprinkle with sprinkles before it hardens.


Store in the freezer. Remove from freezer 20 minutes before serving.