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Cheesy Mashed Potato and Spinach


This cheesy, soft dish can be your go-to staple. Made in one pot, it’s easy to whip up before the kids get home. Adults love it as well, and it’s great for Pesach. Inspired by Bubby Nussbaum of Toronto and made into my own.


1. Peel and dice potatoes into quarters. Add water to a medium sauce pan along with potatoes. Bring potatoes to boil and turn down to medium heat. Simmer for 20 minutes or until potatoes are soft when pierced with a fork. Drain but don’t rinse because you want the starch.
2. Add the milk and butter or oil and mash.
3. Microwave spinach and add to saucepan. Mix.
4. Take slices of cheese and stir into potato mixture while still hot to melt the cheese. Add salt and pepper and stir once more.