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Chicken Potstickers






In a bowl combine first 8 ingredients and mix well.


Using one wrapper at a time: Wet the edges. Fill with a half teaspoon of chicken filling. Fold one side over to meet the other and pinch closed tightly.


Prepare all wontons. They can be frozen at this point if making ahead (but be sure to fry them as close to serving as possible).


In a frying pan heat four tablespoons of oil. Fry 12 wontons (or however many you can fit side by side) for about three minutes or until browned. Flip the wontons over. Add half a cup chicken broth to the pan. Cover and cook for five minutes until liquid has evaporated.


These can be frozen raw, but be sure to fry them as close to serving as possible.


You may want to work with two pans, using one for oil and one for the broth.