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Chocolate Bobka or Buns


No one ever said babka was healthy, but it sure is delicious! This fabulous recipe will yield a large amount of babka or buns, perfect for a long Yom Tov or simcha for everyone to snack on. The dough is super easy to work with, and the filling is pure chocolaty goodness. Topping it with either a streusel topping or drizzle with chocolate (or both!) will really take these babkas or buns over the top!


For the Dough

1. Combine flour and sugar in mixing bowl and make a well.
2. Place crumbled yeast and water in well. Allow to bubble, approximately 10 minutes.
3. Turn on mixer and add rest of ingredients. Mix until smooth. Add flour as needed. (Dough will be sticky.)
4. Let dough rise until doubled. Prepare filling.

For the Filling

1. Beat all filling ingredients together in mixer.
2. Divide dough into six equal parts. Work with one part at a time. Roll out dough into large rectangle.
3. Spread one-sixth of filling mixture on dough, staying half an inch away from the edges. Follow directions below for shaping babkas or buns.

For Bobkas

1. Roll up jelly roll style. Bring the two ends together and twist them; place into loaf pan.
2. Repeat with other five parts. Let rise again until doubled.
3. Brush with glaze. Bake at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for one hour.

For Buns

1. Roll up jelly roll style and cut into one-inch slices.
2. Place, cut side up, on a lined cookie sheet. Let rise until almost double in size.
3. Brush with glaze. Bake at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 30 to 40 minutes or until lightly browned. Remove from oven.


Perhaps we’re stating the obvious, but you can split the recipe and make 3 bobkas and 45 buns, or 2 bobkas and 60 buns, or four bobkas and … well, you get the idea.


Photography and Styling by Chavi Feldman