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Citrus Salad with Creamy Dairy Dressing


This salad recipe is en vogue right now in the Kafra household. I have served it in numerous occasions with much success. I like to accompany it with a salty smoked fish such as lox or sable.  


Make the Dressing

1. Blend dressing ingredients together with an immersion blender until smooth and creamy. Set aside.  


For a pareve version of the dressing, substitute low-fat mayonnaise for the yogurt.


Assemble the Salad

1. Soak the avocado wedges in a bowl of apple juice to prevent them from browning until ready to use, up to two hours.
2. Cut the skin and pith away from the oranges, and cut between the membranes to release the flesh in wedges. Cut the fennel bulb crosswise and use a peeler to shave it into thin flakes.
3. Plate the salad on individual plates: Arrange a small mound of romaine leaves in the center of each plate. Top with two to three avocado wedges, a few orange wedges, and a sprinkling of fennel and cashews or coconut. Add dressing right before serving.