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Classic Chicken Soup


Yussi’s back with another easy and delicious take on a Shabbos classic. This quintessential heimish comfort food is the edible equivalent of our happy place! There’s nothing like a steaming bowl of chicken soup to eliminate the world’s problems and put a smile on your face, and Yussi’s soup hits all the right notes. You might even want to put up a batch for that amazing homemade smell!   Yussi Weisz is the owner of Snaps Kosher in Lakewood, NJ, where he serves classic, tasty Jewish food. Want to see more? Click here for more Shabbos with Yussi videos!


1. Place the vegetables, seasonings, and herbs in a large pot. Add water to cover all vegetables.
2. Add the chicken.
3. Let the soup boil on a low flame for two hours
4. Strain and serve.

Notes: If you want your chicken not to fall apart, remove from pot 45 minutes after it starts boiling.