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Cookies n’ Cream Ice Cream Pie




Place five cookies into food processor if you want the cookies more crumb-like. (See note.) Place crumbs into separate bowl and set aside.


Place ice cream in food processor and pulse for about 10–15 seconds until smooth and creamy. Add cookie crumbs and pulse just until the cookie crumbs and ice cream are combined.


Place Oreo ice cream into chocolate graham cracker crust.


Break up the remaining sandwich cookies into large chunks. Top ice cream pie with the cookies and freeze for at least five hours or overnight.


Take ice cream pie out of the freezer 10 minutes before serving to let defrost a little. Drizzle melted chocolate over pie right before serving.


If serving on Shabbos or Yom Tov, top with drizzled melted chocolate beforehand and freeze until serving.


If you like chunks of cookies in the ice cream pie, crumble the cookies by hand into large chunks instead of processing them. Combine ice cream and cookies by mixing together in a bowl to prevent the cookies from turning into small crumbs.