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Creamy Scrambled Eggs


The trick to creamy scrambled eggs is “low and slow.” I used to make scrambled eggs on a high flame, as they are usually my last-minute emergency dinner, so I would naturally be in a rush. The few extra minutes of cooking over a low flame changed scrambled eggs from rubbery, hard pieces to a creamy, luxurious dish.


1. Place the eggs into a bowl, add water, and beat vigorously.
2. Meanwhile, preheat a pan to medium heat and grease lightly with oil. When the pan is hot, pour in the eggs. As soon as they begin to solidify, add salt and cheese. Lower heat and mix gently, continuously, as the eggs solidify.
3. Remove the eggs from the heat as soon as they are a solid mass and move them onto a plate immediately, as the hot pan will continue cooking them. I like to top it with a few turns of my peppermill.