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Crepe Cake


Follow this recipe to prepare a delicious and beautiful showstopping crepe cake. Thin crispy crepes are layered with chocolate whipped cream and covered with luscious chocolate ganache. Watch this mesmerizing cake come to life.



For the crepes: Whisk together eggs and sugar. Add flour and salt, and then whisk to combine. Add melted butter and whisk again. Add milk. Heat a pan and pour in one-third cup batter. Cook for one to two minutes, then flip and cook for another one to two minutes. Continue until the batter is finished.


For the chocolate cream, melt chocolate and three and a half ounces heavy cream together. Whip together with another three and a half ounces heavy cream.


For ganache: Combine chocolate and heavy cream, and melt.


To Assemble: Spread the first crepe on serving plate. Spread chocolate cream almost to the edge. Layer another crepe atop, then more chocolate cream. Continue layering until all the crepes have been stacked. Pour chocolate ganache over the crepe stack. Spread smoothly over the top.