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Crispy Tofu Bowls


A little bit of a lot of steps, but these fried crispy tofu rice bowls are well worth it. You can totally make these your own by adding or taking out any ingredients you do or don’t like.


Prepare the Rice


Start by cooking rice per package instructions.


After it’s cooked, fluff up the rice and add the remaining ingredients.

Prepare the Tofu


Meanwhile, marinate your tofu. Try to get rid of as much liquid as possible, then cube it. Combine all remaining ingredients in a zip-top bag, then add the tofu cubes. Let sit for 10 minutes.


Sauté a medium red onion in sesame oil. Add black beans two minutes before onions are ready. Stir for two minutes and remove from pan.


In the same pan, add olive oil and crisp up tofu cubes till all sides are nice and brown.

To Serve


Assemble bowls (or plates) with rice, tofu, and fried onions and beans. Add shredded kani sticks, spicy mayo, sweet sauce, toasted sesame seeds, and chopped scallions.