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Cucumber Trio


For an eye-catching, show-stopping appetizer — elegant, yet oh-so-easy to achieve.


Prepare the Cucumber Trio


Place cucumber on cutting board. Cut off ends with a paring knife and discard. Cut thin lengthwise strips from cucumber with vegetable peeler, making sure there’s a bit of green peel on both sides of each strip. Continue cutting strips until you reach the seeds.


Turn cucumber over and peel thin strips from that side until you reach the seeds.


Roll cucumber strips to form rings. Place three rings on a plate and fill with a scoop of chopped liver, a scoop of eggs, and a scoop of guacamole. Add three jicama sticks (or any vegetable of your choice) to each roll.


Garnish plate with greens and watermelon radish slices.


Use leftover pieces of cucumber for a salad. Vegetables can be prepared before Shabbos.


Although jicama looks like a potato, it has a lightly sweet and nutty flavor. Its texture is crunchy and slightly moist, much like a crisp apple.


Photography: Hudi Greenberger