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Easy Oven Baked Shnitzel


Submitted by Dina W.   I have yet to meet someone who doesn’t enjoy a good piece of breaded shnitzel. Having said that, most of us health-conscious women would rather not be serving fried shnitzel too often. This has therefore become my go to, not too fattening, shnitzel recipe. I serve it hot during the week, and sometimes cold as a Shabbos day extra for the non-cholent eaters. It freezes beautifully. What more could you want?!


1. Preheat your oven to 180°C/350°F. Depending on your preference, either cut the raw cutlets into strips or keep them whole.
2. Mix together the mayo, ketchup, soy sauce and vinegar in a large container or bowl. Drop the chicken in to the mixture and mix, ensuring that each piece is fully coated.
3. Mix the garlic powder into the cornflake crumbs/ bread crumbs, and then dip each piece of chicken into the cornflake crumbs/bread crumbs. Lay out all the pieces on a baking tray lined with parchment paper.
4. Bake at 180°C/350°F for 12-18 minutes depending on how big/thick/thin the pieces are. Be careful not to leave it in the oven for too long as it will dry out. Enjoy!