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Fire-Roasted Salsa


In the spirit of Lag B’Omer, I’ve created this Fire-Roasted Salsa recipe. The ingredients all get a nice char fresh from the flames before coming together for a fresh salsa with a unique depth of flavor thanks to all that roasting. This recipe creates a mild to medium salsa. For a spicy salsa, leave all the seeds and veins inside the jalapeno.


Serve this up on some tacos, nachos, or just dig into it with a tortilla chip.


Roast the Vegetables


Roast each of the vegetables over an open flame, turning them so that there is a bit of char on every side.  Do not put them directly in the flame, but close to it.  You want them to cook very little before they char.  This can be done on a campfire or a barbecue grill. 


If you have a gas stove, you can fire-roast them indoors. Simply place a piece of foil folded in half over the gas flame and then place the vegetable on the foil, turning your vegetables periodically until some char is on all sides.


They are roasted whole, except the limes which are only roasted on the open face.

Prepare the Salsa


After roasting, each of the ingredients needs to be prepped and placed in a food processor.


Tomatoes: Remove the stem and then cut into quarters.

Peach: Cut off of the pit.

Jalapeno: (Use gloves for this step!) Cut off the stem, then slice the pepper in half. Remove the veins and seeds (or keep them in for a spicy salsa). Then cut the pepper into quarters.

Red Onion: Cut into quarters.

Lime: Squeeze gently to juice each lime half over all the other vegetables in the food processor.


Now, add kosher salt and the cilantro.  Seal the lid of the food processor and gently pulse until a salsa is formed.


Strain the salsa for a thicker consistency.  Serve fresh or refrigerate and serve within four to five days.