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Fish Skewers with Wasabi Ginger Sauce


My fish store kindly agrees to cut both the salmon and sea bass into even sizes.  One cube of salmon and one of sea bass can be enough for an appetizer.  I add a second piece of salmon when serving for a main course.


1. Marinate the fish cubes in the oil for half an hour – sprinkle with salt.
2. Heat a frying pan with approximately two tablespoons of oil, add fish and sear on all sides, leaving the centres of the salmon pink (rare). Let cook until done and move to a paper towel to cool.  Try not to overdo the sea bass, as it will flake.  Push skewer through one cube of each and set aside until ready to serve.  Serve room temperature with sauce on side.
3. Here I have served the fish skewers on top of some Japanese soba noodles.  When cooked, I rinsed with cold water and added enough toasted sesame oil to thinly coat.


Wasabi powder can be found in the Asian section of your local supermarket.  You can substitute wasabi horseradish sauce for an extra kick of flavour.