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Flanken Gala (Ptcha)


Gala (or Ptcha) is an Eastern European delicacy of jellied calf’s bone. Love it or hate it, Gala is a classic.

Watch Yussi prepare Gala on BHIS!



Place knee bones, flanken, onion, and 20 garlic cloves in an eight-quart pot. Add water to fill pot, cover halfway and leave on low flame with a small simmer for approximately eight to 12 hours.


Let cool for a little and strain the pot, transferring the liquid to another pot. Remove any meat gristle from the bones, and then discard the bones.


Chop up the gristle and any meat from the flanken or lamb. Place in a pot. Chop up the rest of the garlic well, toss with a little olive oil, and add to the same pot. Add the rest of the spices and water over low heat, until simmering, then shut the flame. Taste for salt, pepper, and garlic and add more if needed.


While still hot, use a ladle to pack your gala away in any container you like. Refrigerate overnight, uncovered.


Before covering, scrape off any fat.


Remove the gala from the refrigerator about an hour before serving. Serve with crackers or be as brave as my mother and enjoy it straight up!


Gala freezes very well. Just melt it down in a pot and refrigerate it again to gel it before serving.