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Fluffy Oat Challah Rolls


If you have gluten free people in your family, you’ll love this always flavorful challah. We love these rolls warmed up on the blech, served with dips.  Each roll is a kzayis, and you can say birkas hamazon on it.  Enjoy!


Yield: 24 Rolls



Mix yeast and one tablespoon of sugar in 1/2 cup water in a bowl that can hold at least two cups as the yeast will rise a lot.


Mix the dry ingredients in a mixer using the dough hook.  Add the eggs, oil, seltzer, and yeast mixture and beat well for a few minutes until mixed thoroughly.


Using two real nonstick muffin pans, spray the sides of each muffin insert with Pam oil spray. Additionally, add 1 tsp oil to coat the bottom of each muffin insert (which makes the rolls crispier).  (Make sure that the edges are all coated in oil so that it doesn’t stick). 


Using a 1/3 measuring cup sprayed in Pam, place 1/3 cup dough into each muffin insert.


Cover the muffins with plastic wrap and let rise for an hour.  Baste the top of the rolls with a beaten egg and sprinkle Everything Bagel seasoning mix on it.  (I like to separate any dough stuck to the pan at this point gently with a plastic spoon before baking to make it easier to clean the pan afterwards).


Bake 350 for 20 minutes until it’s a drop golden.


While the rolls are still hot, gently scoop them out and let cool on a wire rack.


To maintain freshness, wrap each roll individually in silver foil, and freeze until use.