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Classic Fritlach


Fritlach are deep fried pieces of dough, dusted with powdered sugar- perfect for Chanuka. These can either be made from a batter spooned into hot oil or dough rolled thin and cut into interesting shapes.


Prepare Fritlach from Batter

1. Blend ingredients until smooth.
2. Heat two inch oil in one quart pot.
3. Using fritter form (patty form shell), dip form into oil until very hot.
4. Shake off excess oil.
5. Dip form into batter, taking care not to cover rim of form with batter.
6. Place batter-filled form into oil, fry until golden brown.
7. Remove fritter from form.
8. Repeat until all batter is used.
9. Sprinkle liberally with confectioners sugar.  

Prepare Fritlach from Dough

1. Combine all ingredients to form smooth dough.
2. Roll out to eighth inch thickness.
3. Cut circles, 12 each of one inch, one and half inch, and two inch in diameter.
4. Stack each size, smallest on the top, pinch in center to attach.
5. Cut five small slits, round and round through outer two circles.
6. Deep fry, face down, for 30 seconds. Do not turn.
7. Sprinkle confectioners sugar.
8. For bowties, cut into one and half inch x 3 inch strips, tie in center. Proceed as above.
9. For diamonds, cut into diamond (◆) shape, slit through center, not cutting through. Pull top point through slit and pull back up.


Photography and Styling: Tamara Friedman