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Fruit Compote


This light and refreshing compote is the perfect finale to heavy Yom Tov meals. It does have quite a bit of sugar, but we do want to eat sweet things as a siman for a very sweet year! Many thanks to Gitti L. for introducing me to this years ago.



Combine the warm (not boiling) water, sugar, cloves, and vanilla. Stir until the sugar is dissolved. Set aside to cool.


Meanwhile prepare the fruit: Peel the oranges, cut into quarters, and then cut each quarter into slices crosswise (you will get somewhat of a triangular shape). Peel the grapefruits and divide into sections. If you prefer smaller pieces, then do as above. Combine the oranges, grapefruits, and other fruit together with the cooled-off sugar syrup. Mix gently until all the fruit is sitting in the syrup. Chill.


Serve chilled. Top each serving with a fresh mint leaf. Serve with plain, crisp cookies on the side, if desired. (We call these Bubby cookies in our house, as these were my Bubby’s, a”h, specialty. Nobody can quite duplicate them, although my mother comes close!)



Although the recipe calls for two cups of sugar, if your grapefruits are not sour you can try it with less. Remember that the fruits sit in the syrup for flavor. When you serve, you can put a serving of fruit with just a little bit of sauce. That way you’re not actually consuming all that much sugar.