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Garlic Sesame Schnitzel (Shake ‘n Bake)


This is the easiest and quickest way to get crispy baked chicken schnitzel on the table. This recipe does more than cut out the frying time … it cuts down the coating time, too! Usually, you need to coat the chicken in something first to allow the bread crumbs to stick, and then add the crumb coating. Not anymore. This schnitzel is a one-step process. Coat and bake. It’s ready faster than you can say dinner done! If you don’t want to use sesame seeds, add the equivalent quantity of bread crumbs.


Prepare the Schnitzel

1. Preheat oven to 425 degrees Fahrenheit. Line two baking sheets with parchment paper.
2. In a bowl or Ziploc bag, combine bread crumbs, oil, sesame seeds, salt, pepper, and garlic. Place chicken pieces into bread crumb mixture, turning to coat chicken well.
3. Place chicken strips on prepared baking sheets, making sure they aren’t too close together. Coat with nonstick cooking spray. Cover chicken with foil. Bake, covered, for 10 minutes. Uncover; bake for an additional 10-14 minutes, until edges are golden and chicken is cooked through.


We like to use crumbs that are golden in color and have a slightly thicker texture. If you are using bone-in chicken, remove chicken skin and coat chicken well with breadcrumb mixture. Bake at 375 degrees Fahrenheit, uncovered, for one hour and 15 minutes.


From Dinner Done by Between Carpools posted with permission from Artscroll/Mesorah Publications Ltd.