Ginger Beef with Steamed Brown Rice

  • Cooking and Prep: 1 h
  • Serves: 4
  • Contains:

Ingredients (13)

Main ingredients

Start Cooking


  1. Place half the soy sauce, sesame oil, garlic powder, and ginger into a small bowl along with the cornstarch. Mix together.

  2. Place the beef in a zip-top bag, and pour marinade over. Seal and use your hands to move the bag around to make sure the beef is well coated. Marinate 20 minutes.

Cook the Beef

  1. Brown the beef until no longer pink on all sides. Remove to a plate.

  2. Wipe the pan, heat oil and add garlic and scallions. Sauté over medium-high heat until fragrant and soft.

  3. Add remaining soy sauce, sesame oil, garlic powder, and ginger. Add one cup water to thin and a good sprinkle of red pepper flakes.

  4. When sauce is heated, add beef back in and sauté another minute or two until beef is hot and well coated in the sauce, mixing as needed.  Serve with brown rice.

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