Green Detox Smoothie Bowl

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  • Cook & Prep: 10 m
  • Serving: 2
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Every time I finish a bowl of this green smoothie, I feel refreshed. There are two kinds of dark leafy greens in it, which are high in folate and iron, plus banana and avocado for heft and healthy fat. The toppings round it all off with fruit for sweetness and chia seeds for an added nutritional boost.


My favorite part is the goji berries. Nicknamed “red diamonds,” they have a chewy texture with a burst of berry flavor and a slightly bitter taste. They are an excellent source of Vitamins A and C and iron.


After this bowl, you will feel positively glowing!

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For the smoothie

  1. Using a blender, blend the smoothie ingredients on high until smooth.

  2. Pour into a bowl and top with mango, banana, and goji berries. Sprinkle with chia seeds.


I would not store this smoothie overnight in the refrigerator, as the avocado will brown and the leaves will turn bitter. Best to drink it all fresh.

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