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Half-Homemade Ice Cream Layer Crunch (Big-Batch)


Looking for a way to enhance regular store bought ice cream? Add this incredible crunch topping, drizzle some chocolate on top, and voila! Fancy ice cream, with minimal work! You may want to double the crunch recipe, it’s addicting!


Prepare the Crunch

1. Combine all crunch ingredients and spread onto cookie sheet.
2. Bake at 325 degrees Fahrenheit for 20 minutes, mixing occasionally.
3. Divide into four parts.


1. Partially thaw chocolate ice cream. Divide and spread into two 16×10 inch pans.
2. Sprinkle two parts of crunch over chocolate layers. Freeze until set.
3. Partially thaw vanilla ice cream. Spread over crunch in both pans. Top with remaining crunch.
4. Melt chocolate. Drizzle over crunch.


Photography by Tamara Friedman