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This is my favorite hamantaschen recipe. The dough is so easy to prepare, and it calls for oil instead of margarine. These are a soft hamantaschen, but they do not open when baking. Use whatever you enjoy for the filling, whether it’s a traditional filling, or something more trendy. (Get all your hamentaschen fillings inspiration here.) I recommend chocolate chips for kids, as it’s easy for them to handle, and not too messy. Here I used a parve nougat filling, such as Delinut, and some Lotus cookie butter. I used the smallest oxo cookie scoop, filled halfway, to fill the humantashens. Make sure to pinch them well! Dipping them in melted chocolate and decorating the hamantaschen with sprinkles or nuts really adds a wow factor, with very little effort!



Beat eggs and sugar until creamy. Add oil and beat. Add water and extracts. Add baking powder. Gradually add flour until the dough comes together and becomes a good dough consistency.


Cover and refrigerate for an hour.


Roll out dough to a quarter inch thickness, and using a cup or round cookie cutter, cut out round circles.


Fill with favorite filling. Pinch each circle into a hamantashen shape.


Bake at 350 degrees for approximately 17 minutes (until bottom is golden).


To decorate, melt chocolate over a double boiler (you can boil a pot or water and place a bowl or chocolate over, stirring once it starts to melt). Dip corners of each hamantashen into the chocolate, and decorate with a variety of sprinkles, or nuts. Place on Gefen Parchment Paper to allow chocolate to set.


These freeze very well.