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Hanger Steak


A hanger steak is a cut of beef steak prized for its flavor. In the past it was sometimes known as “butcher’s steak” because butchers would often keep it for themselves rather than offer it for sale. Thanks to my mother-in-law for introducing this great cut to me, and for stuffing some into my overweight luggage while it was being weighed at the airport on our way to Israel! This cut of meat is very salty, so there’s no need to add more. Be careful not to overcook it or it’ll be too hard to chew. Serve it medium-rare and you’ll have that perfect, juicy yet lean meat!


Prepare the Hanger Steak

1. Rub steaks with 1/4 cup oil and a generous amount of black pepper. Heat a heavy skillet on a medium flame. When the skillet is very hot, sear steaks for four to five minutes on each side.
2. Heat remaining 1/4 cup oil in a frying pan and saute onions until soft and golden. Add salt. Remove excess oil. Add wine and cook until most of the wine evaporates.
3. Slice meat immediately before serving and top with caramelized onions.


The onions can be made in advance and reheated before serving. Meat is best prepared fresh.


Photos and Styling by Malky Levine