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Honey Oat Bites


You wanna hear about the easiest cookie recipe for this Rosh Hashanah season? Well, you’ve come to the right place. 


These cookies, or bites as I like to call them, are fuss-free, no bake, and one bowl only! Yes, I know!!


There’re so many meals and dishes to prepare for the chagim, so I thought why not come up with something that’s easy and can even be prepared on chag using your hot plate or blech! 


Perfect to go with a hot drink at the end of the meal, to gift to hosts, or to munch on after a hard day’s cooking!


You can use whichever nut butter or seed butter you like! This recipe is egg free and gluten free when using gluten free oats so it’s something most people can enjoy this Yom Tov. 


Gmar Chatima to you all, and enjoy!


Yields 20 cookies


Prepare the Honey Oat Bites


In a pot, melt the nut butter and stir with oil until combined. Alternatively, this could be done in the microwave. 


Remove from heat and stir in honey and oats. 


Scoop mixture onto a lined tray and flatten slightly with the back of a spoon or a cookie scoop. 


Place in the fridge for one hour or freezer for up to 10 minutes and serve. 


Best kept sealed in the fridge. Remove a couple of minutes before serving.


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