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Incredible Edible Dreidel Cookie


A beautifully decorated dreidel cookie cake will be the hit centerpiece of your Chanukah party or a special dessert for the family on Shabbat Chanukah. Submitted by Rivka Nemes



Form batter of favorite sugar cookie recipe.


Draw a shape of a large dreidel on paper and cut it out. Roll out the sugar cookie batter between two sheets of parchment paper.


Place dreidel cutout on sugar cookie dough. Trace dreidel shape with a sharp knife. Repeat so that you have two large dreidels.


Bake according to sugar cookie recipe. Let cookies cool.


As the cookies cool, place whipped topping and pudding mix into your mixer and whip until stiff.


Divide the pudding into three portions, one larger than the rest. Leave the largest portion white and place in a piping bag with tip 1A.


Next, tint each of the other two portions two different shades of blue with the food coloring. Place each portion into a piping bag with the two remaining tips.


Take one of the cookies and create soft dollops with the white frosting over the entire cookie. Next, place the remaining cookie on top very gently. Continue to pipe white dollops while interspersing both blue frostings in any design you wish.


Once the cookie is covered with the frosting, gently add your decorations of chocolate coins, sugar crystals, mini chocolate covered pretzels, and candies on top.