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Italian Cheese Mousse



Italian Cheese Mousse

1. In a saucepan combine water, coffee and sugar. Cook over low heat until sugar is dissolved.  

Cheese Filling

1. Beat yolks and sugar until light and fluffy.
2. Add cream cheese, milk and confectioner’s sugar and whip for 5 minutes.
3. Add heavy cream, continue beating until fluffy.

To Assemble

1. Place half of cheese mixture into center of trifle bowl.
2. Line up lady fingers in vertical position against sides of bowl; spread cheese mixture to keep lady fingers in place.
3. Dip lady fingers into coffee mixture and place 2 layers of cheese mixture.
4. Sprinkle half of hazelnuts and half of grated chocolate over dipped lady fingers.
5. Scatter handful of Glicks over chocolate and nuts.
6. Repeat with remaining cheese, lady fingers, nuts and chocolate and Glicks.


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