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Korean Corn Dogs in Beer Batter

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24 Servings
1 Hour, 20 Minutes

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This isn’t the traditional Korean corn dog batter. I love it because it’s much easier to use and has very similar results. Let’s leave the traditional to the Koreans. The toppings below will take your corn dog to the next level!  

Yields about 48


Beer Batter

  • 1 teaspoon Haddar Kosher Salt

  • 1 large egg, beaten

  • 1 12-ounce (340-gram) bottle beer (about 1 and 1/2 cups)

Corn Dogs

  • 2 (8-ounce/225-gram) packages cocktail franks

  • oil, for frying

Topping Options

  • slightly crushed crisp rice cereal


To Make The Batter


In a large bowl, mix all the dry ingredients well. Add the egg and beer and mix until there are no lumps in the batter.


Place in the fridge, covered, until ready to use.

To Fry The Corn Dogs


Heat a six-quart pot with cooking oil, until it reaches 340 degrees Fahrenheit (170 degrees Celsius).


Skewer each cocktail dog on a skewer that’s long enough to allow you to drop it into hot oil.


Roll a cocktail dog in the prepared beer batter and allow the excess batter to drip off. Sprinkle with desired topping. (You won’t be able to roll it, since the batter will come off, so I find it easiest to keep the topping in a cup and sprinkle it over the battered dog.)


Carefully place the battered dog in the hot oil and fry for two to three minutes until golden brown. Keep your eye on it because you don’t want the coating to burn.


Continue with remaining franks until done. Don’t overcrowd the pot.

To Reheat


These are best made fresh, but if you want to prepare them the day before, allow them to come to room temperature before reheating.


Then place in a 350 degree Fahrenheit (175 degree Celsius) oven uncovered for 30 minutes, until heated through.


For a pretty appetizer, place three different types of corn dogs on a clean skewer after frying and drizzle with some sauce.

For an easier treat, you can skip the toppings. The corn dogs will still come out amazing.
Korean Corn Dogs in Beer Batter

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