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Lamb Burgers


Chef David Blum of Hartman’s Fine Kosher Foods teaches Kosher Scoop readers how to make succulent and tasty burgers just so!


Prepare the Burgers

Yields 12 large burgers

1. Mix all ingredients until just combined.  Form loose patties, taking care not to press/squash them too much. Poke some indentations in the patties with your fingers.
2. Place patties onto HOT grill and allow to cook without moving or jiggling burger around the grill.  Allow to cook four to five minutes (depending on thickness of burger) on high with grill top open.  Flip once and cook on medium heat with grill top closed for another four to five minutes. Closing the grill top after you flip will allow a touch of steam to help cook the inside of the burger.
3. Serve on a lightly toasted bun (or gluten-free alternative) with your favorite condiments and sliced grilled vegetables.

Notes: The recipe calls for lamb meat but we used 80% lean ground beef and 20% lamb fat for the same great burger.  Ask your butcher for some lamb fat since you probably won’t find it on the shelves.  If you are using pure beef or lamb make sure it’s not lean, or the burger will be dry and crumbly.


Chef David Blum is the Executive Chef at Hartman’s Fine Kosher Food.  Hartman’s has two locations in Toronto and prides themselves with being “An Old-Fashioned Butcher Shop with Modern Day Sensibilities.”