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Leah’s Grilled Summer Salad


With this everything-grilled recipe, this is bound to become a family favorite! Great for family BBQ’s! Yield:2 servings


1. Lightly cover your turkey breast rounds on both sides in the cooking spray. Put your turkey breast rounds on the grill. When you see that one side looks crisp and is slightly charred, flip to the other side. When this side too looks crisp and slightly charred, remove from grill.
2. Break up into pieces.
3. After you’ve already flipped over the turkey rounds, soak the chicken in the barbecue rub. Remember: the more you put, the spicier. Season with caution!
4. After you’ve removed the turkey from the grill, place the chicken on the grill. When it looks ready to you, but not too burnt, flip. Same on the other side; then remove.
5. Grill the baby corn until it gets a little color. Flip. Do the same to other side; remove. Cut up the corn vertically yet slightly horizontally for that elegant look.
6. Drizzle one mini cup of guac into a “z” shape over each serving.
7. Enjoy!