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Marinated Tofu


Tofu is one of those wonder foods that assumes the taste of the other ingredients in the pot. Following is a very versatile recipe. The cubed tofu can be mixed into a salad or can top a rice dish for a light, healthful supper packed with protein and vitamins. If baked longer, it becomes hard and crispy and can be noshed as is, or used as croutons to top a salad. Thanks Chava E.


Prepare the Tofu

1. Cut tofu into cubes. Mix together with soy sauce and leave a few minutes to allow tofu to absorb the flavor.
2. Add rest of ingredients and mix together. Pour into a small baking pan and drizzle with additional oil — not too much (we want to keep the fat down!).
3. Bake at 350 degrees Fahrenheit (180 degrees Celsius) for 30 minutes for a soft texture, 45 for a medium texture, and an hour or more for crispy, crunchy cubes. Mix every few minutes to ensure even exposure to the oven’s heat.

Tips: To make this dish more piquant, add some freshly ground ginger and a bit of cayenne pepper.

Notes: This tastes best eaten fresh. If refrigerated overnight, the texture becomes a little rubbery


Photography: Daniel Lailah

Food Styling: Michal Leibowitz