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Submitted by Yona Jacobovits


In our family not too many people like fish. Therefore we are always looking for Shabbos day appetizers that can be served room temperature. This recipe came about when looking for something to make Shabbos day and I combined my Friday night leftovers to create this dish. This has now become a staple by my family and in-laws. This also works great for Pesach.


Sweet Potatoes


Slice sweet potatoes into matchsticks. Place on baking sheet and drizzle with olive oil, salt and pepper. 


Bake at 425F for about a half hour.



Grill skirt steak until preferred doneness. (If you prefer less salty, soak for an hour before grilling). Let the steak rest and slice into matchsticks against the grain.



Combine dressing ingredients 30 minutes before drizzling.

To Serve


Place a couple of pieces of skirt steak, beets, sweet potatoes and Asian pear scattered on the plate and layer until desired amount. Drizzle dressing and serve!