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Melt-Away Moroccan Cinnamon Cookies


These cookies are extremely easy to prepare and practically foolproof—perfect for anyone who has trouble baking! The recipe yields a large amount of cookies—which means extra cookies that can be frozen for up to three months. We love to serve them with Turkish coffee or espresso. Store them in an airtight container for up to a week. 


Prepare the Cookies

Makes 4 dozen


Preheat the oven to 325 degrees Fahrenheit and line two large cookie sheets with Gefen Parchment Paper.


Combine the oil and confectioners’ sugar in a large bowl. Mix well until the sugar has dissolved. Add the almond flour and mix well.


In a separate bowl, combine the flour, cinnamon, baking powder, and salt. Add to the almond flour mixture. Mix with a wooden spoon first, then with your hands, to form a dough.


Using your hands or a small ice-cream scoop and working with two teaspoons of dough at a time, form forty-eight balls. Place them half an inch apart on the lined cookie sheets and slightly flatten each ball with the palm of your hand.


Bake for 20 minutes, or until they start to firm up slightly, remove from the oven, and sprinkle cinnamon on top of each cookie. Let cool completely.


Excerpted from Tahini & Turmeric: 101 Middle Eastern Classics—Made Irresistibly Vegan by Vicky Cohen and Ruth Fox. Copyright ©2018. Available from Da Capo Lifelong Books, an imprint of Perseus Books, LLC, a subsidiary of Hachette Book Group, Inc.