Mini Pavlovas

  • Cooking and Prep: 1 h 40 m
  • Serves: 8
  • Contains:

There are many recipes, sizes and toppings for this Down Under classic. You can bake it as one large meringue shell or into individual ones. The result is always delicious and ideal for Passover and gluten-free diets. Pavlovas are filled with sweetened whipped cream and topped with fruit, and are always fabulous. 

Ingredients (7)


Coconut Whipped Cream

Start Cooking


Prepare the Meringue

  1. Scoop meringue onto prepared baking sheet and make either one large circle or small ones by spreading with a small offset spatula, making the circle deeper in the center, so the filling stays in place. 

  2. Bake for an hour to an hour and a half. Turn oven off and let cool completely inside the oven.

For the Coconut Whipped Cream

  1. In a regular or with an immersion blender, let soak dried coconut, boiling water and coconut oil for 10 minutes. Then blend for about 2 minutes.

  2. Let cool completely and blend again.

  3. Strain coconut mixture through a strainer lined with cheesecloth, pressing well to extract as much liquid as possible. The liquid will become the coconut cream.

  4. Cover coconut cream and refrigerate overnight.

  5. The next day, the liquid will have separated into a denser and a more liquid part. Scoop the denser part into a mixing bowl and whisk immediately and vigorously (you need it to be cold while you whip it) for a couple of minutes, until it forms soft peaks. Sweeten it with honey if desired using a whisk.

  6. Serve or refrigerate for 2 hours.

Note: Use remaining liquid as coconut milk in cooking stews, soups or in baking. Process can be repeated with the soaked and strained coconut pulp left over in the cheese cloth, once more, or the pulp can be used in baking (macaroons are great!)

To Serve

  1. Scoop cream onto meringue shell(s) and top with fresh fruit.
Note: For more efficiency, prepare meringues and let them cool overnight. Mix coconut cream ingredients and let them cool overnight as well and assemble the next day.

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