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Mini Tuna Tacos


I developed this recipe for a bridal shower Zoom class I recently presented. We were making cocktails and finger foods.  I always love mini-foods because you can eat a lot of variety in small amounts. They are kind of like tapas at a restaurant.  Tapas are mini-portions created for sharing at a restaurant, and they are intended to provide a wide sampling of the menu. 


Prepare the Mini Tuna Tacos


In a large bowl combine, soy sauce, scallions, sesame oil, ginger, jalapeno, and sesame seeds.


Right before serving, add in the tuna and mix well.  Let it sit for five minutes in marinade.


To serve: Scoop tuna out of marinade and fill the taco with the tuna. Garnish with crushed peanuts.


Naomi’s cookbook Perfect Flavors (ArtScroll/Mesorah, 2018) has more great recipes for summer cooking.