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Miracle Chicken and Vegetable Stir Fry


Some of the best recipes are born from a flop, a mishap, or a problem that you’re forced to solve. Enter: Making a stir-fry without stir-frying at all. Say what? One day when we were craving Chinese comfort food, my stovetop broke down (great timing, huh?)—so I improvised. I baked this baby in about forty minutes, and it turned out better than Chinese takeout! Ditch the idea of standing at a wok and frying your next Chinese meal. This one-pan wonder makes prep and cleanup a breeze.


Prepare the Chicken and Vegetable Stir Fry

1. Preheat the oven to 425 degrees Fahrenheit.
2. Coat the chicken with cornstarch, salt, and pepper (either shake it in a ziplock bag or toss it in a bowl). Set aside.
3. Spread the mixed vegetables and onion on a large sheet pan in a single layer. If they are piled too high, use two pans.
4. Toss the chicken stock, olive oil, tamari, maple syrup, garlic, ginger, and chile oil with the veggies (I like to do this with gloved hands to ensure even spreading).
5. Add the chicken to the pan, and gently toss it with the sauce, coating evenly.
6. Bake, uncovered, for 35 to 40 minutes or until the chicken is cooked through and the vegetables are tender and slightly browning on the edges. Check every now and again, and toss to ensure even cooking.


Recipe excerpted from Food You Want for the Life You Crave  by Nealy Fischer, the Flexible Chef (De Capo Lifelong Books, 2019). Reproduced with permission.