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Mom’s Stuffed Cabbage


Esty’s kitchen is being taken over by a special guest—her mom! Esty may not make the best stuffed cabbage (or Haluptzii), but she’s going to give you the recipe. Watch her mother’s expert cabbage stuffing and rolling, making a unique and delicious stuffed cabbage for Sukkot or Simchat Torah!


Prepare the Cabbage


Use a paring knife to remove the core from the cabbage. Carefully lower the cabbage head into a pot of boiling water.


Peel off the outer cabbage leaves as soon as they become flexible and remove from the pot. Continue with the remainder of the cabbage until the entire head is done. This step may be prepared in advance.

To Stuff the Cabbage


Mix filling ingredients well and set aside.


Use a paring knife to remove the thick rib from each cabbage leaf. Use the center vein as a guide to tear each large leaf in half.


Place half a cabbage leaf into your palm. Add a mound of filling to the edge closest to the stem.


Fold the stem end over the filling to enclose and continue rolling the remainder of the cabbage leaf around to create a cone-shaped cabbage roll. Tuck the ends into the center to seal.


Slice a few of the smaller cabbage leaves and layer them in the bottom of a wide pot to create a bed for the cabbage rolls.


Place the filled cabbage rolls onto the sliced cabbage in layers with the wider end of the rolls toward the outer edge of the pot and the point toward the center. Continue until the cabbage and filling is complete, then top with any remaining cabbage pieces.

To Cook


In a bowl or measuring cup, mix the tomato paste, sugar and water to create a smooth sauce. Pour over the cabbage rolls in the pot and add more water to cover.


Top with an inverted heat-proof dish to keep the rolls submerged. Cover partially and allow to simmer for one hour.



**These freeze beautifully! Prepare as directed without the sauce. When ready to cook, defrost, layer and simmer in the sauce. They may be frozen after they’re fully cooked but we much prefer them frozen before they’re cooked.


**If you prefer sweet stuffed cabbage, simply add sugar to your taste.


**These may be baked at 350 degrees Fahrenheit, just make sure there’s enough liquid for the rice to absorb and place a pan underneath to catch any drips. Add water as needed.


Ask your local rabbi about checking produce for bug infestation.