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Mozzarella Stick Salad


I first tasted a version of this salad at my daughter-in-law Shoshi’s home. I go for a very well-seasoned salad that literally dazzles my palate. She graciously shared the recipe, and when she got to the oil, she apologetically said, “You can change it and do it your way.” She knows me already!


I cut down the oil considerably, redid the salad ingredients, and added baked (not fried) mozzarella sticks, à la Shavuos. Feel free to vary the veggies and do it “your way.” You can add cubed Feta cheese too.


The dressing can be made in advance, and there is no need to use a food processor. Altogether a real pleasure to make and savor.


Cheese Sticks


Cut cheese sticks in half, lengthwise.


Prepare 3 bowls — one with flour, one with egg/milk mixture, and one with crumbs. Dip cheese sticks in flour, turning to coat, then in egg/milk, and then in crumbs, taking care to press crumbs on the cheese so they adhere well.


Place sticks on a small baking sheet and freeze for at least 30 minutes (up to a few hours).


Drizzle with melted butter and place in a preheated 400 degrees Celsius (200 degrees Fahrenheit) oven for six to seven minutes. Don’t overbake or the cheese will melt and spread. If this happens, don’t worry! Just chop up and add to the salad. It adds great flavor and texture.


The cheese sticks are best made fresh. However, if you make them in advance, up to a day, you might want to warm them up before adding to your salad


For parve version, omit cheese.



Meanwhile, place all salad ingredients except pecans in a large bowl. Place all dressing ingredients in a half-liter container and shake together until well combined. Pour over salad (you will have some left over) and toss to coat. (Dressing can be stored in the fridge for at least a week.)


Garnish salad with cheese sticks and pecans if desired.


You can add some finely chopped Doritos to the bread crumbs for extra flavor.