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No-Rise Pizza Dough


Submitted by Chaya Feldstein

I was at a friend’s house after Pesach and she needed to make a quick lunch…and her cabinets were not fully restocked with Chametz. She found some white spelt flour and made a quick batch of pizza dough.

I then adapted it – I have tried it with assorted flours, including white whole wheat, whole wheat, whole spelt and plain white wheat flour. It came out amazing each time! An additional bonus: this recipe is easily done by hand!



Preheat oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Mix ingredients together in one bowl. Does not need to rise. 


Roll out and pour desired sauce and cheese on top.


Place on parchment paper on pan for about 15–20 minutes, and when it is almost done, place directly on rack for another 5 minutes.