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Noodles and Cabbage


Submitted by shirasmom   Sweet and savory at the same time. Old-fashioned culinary joy!


1. Boil noodles al dente (firm to the touch but cooked through) and drain (set aside). Keep at room temperature.
2. Heat heavy-duty sauté or fry pan, add oil, and immediately add the cabbage. Mix thoroughly so all is well coated. Flame should be between medium and high but closer to medium. As cabbage starts to brown, stir often until all of it is golden. At the end, turn off flame. Add salt and pepper (see note). Add noodles and mix well until cabbage is well distributed.


I add the salt after cooking as it draws out the water from the cabbage and it doesn’t crisp up.


The cabbage can be made in larger batches and frozen. Defrost in fridge and add to fresh cooked noodles – can be reheated.