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Ooey Gooey Cinnamon Buns with Cream Cheese Frosting


These homemade cinnamon buns are better than Cinnabon! Buttery, gooey, moist and cream-cheesy heaven!


Make the Cinnamon Buns


Warm the milk in a microwave safe bowl for a few seconds until luke-warm. Add the yeast packets to the milk and let it sit for a few minutes until bubbly. Whisk in the eggs, melted butter, sugar and salt.


Add the flour one cup at a time, until the dough comes together. A sticky dough is fine. Let the dough rise for a half hour! This is a very important step.


Roll the dough out. If it’s too sticky, add a little more flour at this point. Fill the dough with a stick of room temparature butter and generous amounts of cinnamon and dark brown sugar. Roll up and then cut into discs. Line them up in a 9 by 13 pan and bake on 350 for about 35 minutes. I baked them covered for half the time, and uncovered for the rest of the time. ENJOY!

Make the Cream Cheese Frosting


In a small bowl, whisk the whipped cream cheese, vanilla extract, and powdered sugar together to form a frosting. Refrigerate until the cinnamon buns are cooled to room temperature and then dollop on top!